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OEM Replacement

We've all heard this word, "OEM".  What does it mean and what's the difference and is it worth buying OEM parts?  "OEM" is an acronym for "Original Equipment Manufacturer".  You see, although major auto manufacturers do design a lot of your vehicle's systems on their own, they sometimes source parts (or have parts made) by companies who have the tooling and resources to make these pieces elsewhere.  So, while a manufacturer may design the engine, suspension, etc, some of the parts on your car aren't actually made by the same company that puts its emblem on your trunk lid.  This is mostly done to save on per-vehicle costs during production.  When it comes to automotive parts, true OEM parts are truly excellent and among the best, however this is sometimes used in a misleading manner, and that's where problems start. Read more below for a thorough explanation on the terms "Genuine OEM", "OEM" and what to look out for when purchasing replacement parts for your vehicle.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to view some of the OEM manufacturer brands we offer.

The Dishonest Use of "OEM":
     As we all know, with offshore manufacturing blooming over the last decade or so, we're starting to see cheaper and in some cases poorer quality products being released onto markets everywhere.  This is no different in the automotive parts market, which is now plagued by sub-par quality parts which cost next to nothing, and don't last long at all.  Although another, arguably worse problem these sub-par parts present is that they're being sold as "OEM".  How is that possible?  Well, many retailers of these parts seem to think that it's totally permissible to use the term "OEM" for a product that might vaguely look similar to the actual OEM part, when in fact, the parts they're selling are made out of poor quality materials, with poor quality standards, that are either non-functioning right out of the box, or have an exceedingly short lifespan.  It may seem enticing to purchase a cheaper part that says it's OEM, but we can assure you, you'll end up struggling with issues, wasting money by constantly buying parts and paying for installation.

The Honest Way:
     The term "OEM" should only ever be seen in a description for a part that falls into one of two categories.  The first category is for parts which are produced and sold only by the original manufacturer of the vehicle, these are commonly referred to as "Genuine OEM" parts and will usually have the auto manufacturer's logo somewhere on the box, along with their part number.  The second category is for parts which are produced by another company which supplies the original manufacturer of the vehicle.  The best part about Genuine OEM and OEM parts is that they're usually the exact same part that your vehicle rolled off of the assembly line with, meaning it'll fit and work exactly as it did when the vehicle was new, no headaches, no constant replacing of cheap white-box parts.

Is Genuine OEM Worth The Money?
     In short, sometimes.  Depending on the manufacturer, Genuine OEM parts (that would come from a dealer parts counter) can sometimes be astronomically expensive, with dealers marking prices up an average of 200-300% (or more), most are not so and are a good bargain once you figure you'll only be buying the part and paying for labour once.  There may be times where Genuine OEM is literally the only available option, as the auto manufacturer itself may produce the piece in-house, or the part is proprietary to the manufacturer.  M's Motoring stocks Genuine OEM parts for Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru, Toyota and Lexus vehicles, the difference is we use our ability to buy in bulk to save you money.  Let us know what you're looking for and we'll be able to tell you Genuine OEM is the way to go, or if there's something we carry that is identical or better for less!

Is OEM Worth The Money?
     Yes!  OEM parts, as mentioned, are made by large companies who supply automotive manufacturers and are used on the assembly line.  The best part about OEM is that they're usually the exact same part you'd buy over a dealer's parts counter.  Like Genuine OEM, OEM parts look, fit, work and ARE the exact factory part, same materials, same quality, just in a different package.  In fact, you shouldn't go with anything else other than OEM unless you're demanding more out of a factory part than it will be able to provide.  M's Motoring stocks hundreds of parts made by companies who supply your vehicle's manufacturer, while savings can be upwards of 50-80% off of dealer parts prices for the exact same product.  Win/win?  We think so!

My Genuine OEM/OEM Parts Keep Failing.
     If this is the case, it looks like you may be exceeding the limits of the factory part.  Click HERE to go to the M's Performance & Motorsports part page.