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Why M's?

The Personal Advantage

     At M's, we truly care about our clients and strive to provide them with a more personalized, finer-quality buying experience, based on a more human level.  How do we do this?  We do exactly what other companies are too afraid (or maybe even reluctant) to do; we deal with you, our client, directly, on a person-to-person level.  Through taking a more personal approach, it allows you to make use of our many value-added services.  For instance, speaking with you provides a much better sense of exactly what you're looking for and allows us, using our experience and in-depth knowledge, to therefore provide tailored recommendations that will surely better suit your needs.  In the long run, this saves you copious amounts of money and time, as you're provided exactly what you need, the first time around.  Dealing with you directly allows us to ensure that the entire transaction, from beginning to end, is as seamless as possible, as we are able to take extra care.  In the event that you're not completely satisfied with a purchase, we will always work tirelessly to ensure that any issues are resolved in a timely manner, and that you're ultimately truly content.  We will always put the utmost care into everything we do, as the business of each of our clients truly matters to us.  M's prides itself not just on our work, or the quality of the parts we provide, but the complete experience that our clients receive, you simply cannot get the same level of courteous service from an unmanned, generic web-store.  That's the M's Personal Advantage.


     We look out for our clients and are committed to offering you the highest quality products available in the industry, from genuine OEM parts to high-end aftermarket and performance brands, we make it all available to you at an excellent price!  In today's automotive scene, poorly designed and cheaply manufactured parts plague the market.  When unsuspecting buyers purchase inferior parts, they're usually left with something that absolutely doesn't fit at all, fits poorly, fails prematurely and often enough, causes major damage to a vehicle or its systems, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of repair work.  Over the years, we've dealt with many parts manufacturers in many different applications.  We know what works, which is why we only offer parts which are tried, tested and true, from manufacturers that take pride in their craft and are especially strict when it comes to quality control.  We will never sell you a part that isn't made well by today's standards.

Knowledge & Experience

     One of our greatest assets is the plethora of in-depth knowledge we've gained through our experience in the performance automotive and motorsports field.  We know what delivers the best results for virtually every application and the parts we offer are the exact same parts that we've used on our own street and race cars and are proven to be tried, tested and true.  Whether you're trying to keep an iconic, factory vehicle in pristine condition, or aspiring to build an all-out race car, M's can guide you to your goal.  With our level of automotive proficiency and our client's imagination, we work to transform those dreams into real, reliable vehicles.  We're no strangers to the motorsports world either, being involved in everything from amateur racing, to being officially licensed by NASCAR teams as mechanics & pit crew members.  While there is a vast amount of knowledge and experience under our roof, we still have a very healthy respect for the rapid technological advancements that are a part of the automotive (and especially aftermarket) scene, which means we're always learning and testing new things in order to incorporate new solutions into our clients' future projects.  Though we specialize in Nissan/Infiniti sports cars, we also have a thorough knowledge of vehicles produced by Subaru and Toyota/Lexus.

Security & Privacy

     M's works to preserve your privacy and we take this very seriously, as we care and realize how important it is.  When dealing with online webstores, you're forced to enter sensitive information (addresses, credit card numbers or bank information, etc) where it is then stored within the site's database.  The issue with this is that hackers are aware of the wealth of data typically stored on sites like those, which makes every webstore, and therefore your information, a target.  Most webstores do not have updated (even when they say they do), or adequate security features/encryption, and even when they do are still highly susceptible to online attacks.  When you're purchasing parts, you shouldn't have to be "watching your back", or fearing possible identify theft or compromised credit cards.  Your buying experience should be stress and worry free, which is why M's adopts our own style of business.  Any information our clients provide us with is never stored online, and any sensitive sensitive information (such as credit card numbers) either never go through our hands (when using PayPal, e-Mail transfers, etc), or if it does (phone orders), it is never recorded.  No representative will ever ask you for a credit card number via e-Mail, we will only accept a credit cards over the phone (to our posted phone number). 

Lower Prices

     M's makes your dollar go further wherever possible.  As a result of our focused market and size, most products are stocked in volumes and come directly from their manufacturers, this results in lower prices for us, a savings which we gladly pass along to our clients.  This not only saves you money, but also time, as there's virtually no need to "shop around".  There are no hidden costs, especially to our Canadian clients, who won't have to deal with outrageous "brokerage fees" which are otherwise normally incurred when purchasing products from around the world.  Clients outside of Canada may still be responsible for duty/brokerage fees, however we always do our best on our end to make sure these fees, if applicable, are kept to a minimum by way of sending your order with the proper paperwork and accurate item values, and by shipping with couriers which don't implement high brokerage rates.  If you have a preferred courier, we will gladly use them to ship your order upon request where possible.